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Light Duty Towing

When an accident or breakdown occurs and you call for help from the local towing company what kind of treatment do you expect? Through the years we have spent serving this community we have discovered just how little car owners realize they deserve in the service they receive from their professional towing company. A good company will provide more than the bare essentials, loading your car onto the back of a truck and driving away. They will provide customized service that caters to the specific needs that the situation demands. This is why in our fleet of towing vehicles we provide for more than simply your basic wrecker needs. Among the trucks we keep primed and ready for service we include flatbed towing trucks, heavy duty towing trucks, and light duty towing vehicles. We hope with attention to detail we can provide for our customers the professional reliable service that makes our service top notch.

What is Light-Duty Towing?

Perhaps you didn’t know there are different kinds of towing trucks, but the truth of the matter is that there are. Heavy duty towing refers to those diesel engines that are big enough to actually help tow in a semi-truck that’s broken down on the highway, or perhaps an RV that needs help. Flatbed towing trucks can often provide service for light duty needs, and are superior for long distance towing as all four wheels of the vehicle are off the ground eliminating any wear and tear that might come from transportation. When it comes to light duty towing, this really refers to small wreckers that can easily travel through busy city streets. These trucks are more capable of hooking up a car and towing it the short distance to a mechanic garage or residential property. If you need help getting your car of the city roads, chances are you just need a light-duty wrecker.

Ready 24/7

If you’re in need of light duty towing you can count upon South Towing to be ready at any time day or night! Our team is a professional service, fully licensed and bonded for your protection and the protection of our expert technicians. With our 24-hour availability and our commitment to honest prices we make it a point to be prepared for anything and to respond to each and every call within 30 minutes. Let our team the team you count on for light duty towing.