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“I am so grateful to South Towing for their hard work. I had a wobbling tire that kept making horrendous noises until I had to eventually pull over to the side of the road. I remembered South Towing from a friend of mine, who had used them before in a similar situation. Needless to say, they lived up to the expectations my friend had told me about! The friendly young man had the wobbly tire off and replaced it with a brand new tire. The entire process took about 20 minutes. I can’t say enough good things about you guys!” – Janine G.

 “When my car broke down, I nearly began to panic because it was 2am on a Friday night. I was going out of my mind since I had no intentions of leaving my Audi parked on the side of the road. A buddy of mine referred me over to South Towing and said that they could help out. I gave them a call right away and within 24 minutes they had arrived. I was amazed at how fast it took them to get here, not to mention the excellent price I received! I must say that you guys are true professionals in every sense of the word.” Tommy L.

 “You simply won’t find another company quite as courteous and helpful as South Towing. They were there for me when my engine gave out a couple of weeks ago. I kicked the tire in frustration for not bringing my old Dodge into the garage for a routine checkup. I was just thankful that these guys were there when I needed them. I certainly won’t forget to have my Dodge inspected for the future. They had a tow truck send out in almost no time! I highly recommend South Towing. You guys are the best! – Sherman P.

“I owe South Towing a great deal of gratitude for allowing me to make it on time to my son’s little league game. I needed a brand new chip key on short notice. The original transponder had suddenly stopped functioning and I was sweating profusely because I had a ball game to attend. I dialed up these guys because I had heard wonderful things about them and believe me, they are all true! The polite driver came by and handed me a new Nissan Altima chip key. We even joked around and spoke about the Dodgers! What more can I say, my son had a smile the second he saw me pull up to the parking lot. I am a lifetime customer!” – Francisco L.