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Keys are a pretty big deal when it comes to security and operation of vehicles, which is why they have evolved so much over the decades of automotive use. Though they were simple devices back in the days of the model-T their sophistication has grown so they now might easily include laser cut designs, switch blades, or sidewinder keys. And in the last twenty years or so transponder keys, or computer chip keys, have become the most prominent design of passive security control. While these designs have increased the keys effectiveness as a security device, most car owners find that such sophistication also complicates things dramatically in the case of a lost car key. Knowing who you can turn to for professional chip key programming services is important since replacement and reprogramming can be complicated and expensive if you don’t know who you can trust.

How Transponder Keys Work

Though these devices may seem perhaps like overkill in security, they have proven to drastically increase protection for luxury vehicles. This is accomplished through the remote communications that occur between the key with the chip and the vehicle’s main on board computer. The chip in the key sends out a code to the car, for many vehicles this code is projected constantly and the doors can unlock when the code is present. For other cars without the key the engine is literally immobilized. To utilize these keys the car and chip key must share the same digitized code. If something happens to the key or the car is reset, then the key needs to be reprogrammed, otherwise the car is useless to the owner. A professional can decipher the proper methods for reprogramming the car or key. While most dealerships will tell you they are the only ones able to provide chip key programming, this is simply to raise the service expense.

South Towing service

Our technicians are fully capable of providing programming with no trouble at all. We provide these services for fair and honest prices, and we guarantee 30-minute arrival time, from the minute you call so that you’re never left stranded and waiting for help for hours. If you need a key reprogrammed don’t hesitate to get the help you need at the prices you can afford. Our technicians offer professional service protected by our trained and licensed certification requirements. For all your chip key programming needs, simply call South Towing.