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What is dolly towing?

Dolly towing is one of the most basic and simple ways for towing vehicles. Plainly speaking, a tow dolly is a simple device which connects the towing vehicle, usually a tow truck, to the towed vehicle. The tow dolly connects to the tow truck by means of a pin and chains. It is of a light and durable design and features docking slots in which the towed vehicle’s front wheels fit. This way, the towed vehicle’s front wheels are lifted off the ground and its rear wheels remain in full contact with the road.

The advantages of dolly towing

Being one of the most commonly used towing methods it is of no surprise that dolly towing offers a few important advantages:

  • Ease of use – being a rather simple device, dolly towing is convenient for pretty much anyone, with some basic knowledge and instruction. Having said that, some knowledge is still required to avoid safety issues while towing.
  • Variety of towable vehicles – dolly towing is perfect for basically any private vehicle. The downside is that it does not fit other vehicles such as large vehicles, especially low vehicles, motorcycles, and the like.
  • Availability – since neither special equipment is necessary nor high levels of proficiency, this method is extremely available and you will not encounter any difficulties when in need for it.

What we do

South Towing offers expert tow dolly services in Los Angeles and its vicinity. Being expert towing professionals we offer a variety of towing services for any type of vehicle, which in light of our many advantages becomes a perfect selection for a reliable towing company to stand by your side in time of need.

Why choose us

When you need towing services in Los Angeles you will probably want a service provider that will be able to offer you these advantages:
Availability: being available 24/7 means you will get professional assistance any time, day or night. Whenever you need us, one of our capable technicians will be readily at your side.
Quick response: when you are in need, there is nothing worse than having to wait hours on end. As soon as you call us, one of our teams will hit the road and arrive at your doorstep within 30 minutes.
Professionalism: with us you will get only the best, most experienced technicians.

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