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Heavy Duty Towing in Los Angeles

It is not difficult for your vehicle to undergo heavy duty towing if it is done by an expert professional. Good thing, South Towing offers excellent towing services in Los Angeles at a price that are affordable to vehicle drivers or owners. If ever your vehicle needs to be towed at a certain distance, you can always rely South Towing services. Our company has licensed and highly trained technicians who are geared with the best equipments for towing. Plus, we are open for business 24/7 so whatever time of the day or day in a week, you can expect our people to provide the best services for your vehicle needs.

Professional Towing Services

Our services are not limited to heavy duty towing only; we also offer 24/7 emergency roadside help, flatbed towing, wrecker service, on/off road winching, long distance towing, emergency towing and many others. These services are provided by our technicians who are fully licensed, reliable and skilled. They have received the necessary trainings and experiences; that is why, we are confident that excellent services are given to customers.

We have always encountered vehicle drivers who need heavy duty towing. Whether at night or day, there is always an accident or engine malfunction around Los Angeles. This is the reason why our business is open 24 hours a day in 7 days a week so that every customer’s needs are met. We provide immediate help, particularly within 30 minutes or less, because we know that time is precious for everyone.

Reasonable Rates on Services

We give reasonable rates on all our services and we do not ask any hidden charges. If you call us for help, our customer service representatives will immediately assess your condition and forward you to our professional technicians. These individuals do not ask anything other than the quoted price so you can always guarantee that your finances are not compromised. We know that some drivers do not avail heavy duty towing services in order to save more. But with our fixed rates and affordable prices, we can ensure that all these services are within reach.

Just call us for help to ask a quote. We would be glad to serve you better with our 24/7 availability and 30 minutes response time. Our licensed, highly skilled and well experienced technicians will always be ready to help you out in towing your vehicle from a certain location.