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Trustable Auto Towing Services in Los Angeles

When it comes to dependable auto towing services, you know you’ve definitely come to the right place with South Towing of Los Angeles! Do you have a semi tractor trailer that needs to be towed a few hundred miles away? You can bet our wrecker flatbeds can support the total weight and still have plenty of room to spare! We operate 24 hours a day and all around LA. Our emergency tow trucks can be at the scene in a blistering time of 30 minutes or less.

We tow vehicles that are obstructing private parking spaces such as; residential garages, handicapped parking spots and certain illegal tow away zones. We’re in full compliance with LA restrictions when it comes to these particular towing situations. We’re also responsible for rescuing vehicles that have been caught off-road in a ditch or steep downward hill. We’ll have your vehicle out of trouble and back on the road before you can blink! But best of all, we’re readily accessible 24/7 and 365 days per year!

Lots of Towing Variations to Choose From

We offer a huge selection of auto towing services that includes; flatbed towing, light duty towing, heavy duty towing, wrecker towing, emergency towing, long distance towing, private property towing, motorcycle towing, tow dolly services,cheap towing services, Private Property Towing & on/off road winching. It seems as if we have an answer to every possible towing scenario out there and we do! We can tow smaller smart cars with the same amount of ease as a minibus or motorhome. We also provide outstanding rates across the board. It’s no wonder we’re the most referred towing provider in Los Angeles!

Our roadside specialists are well-versed in every aspect of the trade. Our emergency towing vehicles also double up as accident removal trucks when debris needs to be collected. Accidents are traumatic events for any individual. Our responsibility is to quickly gather up all the scattered pieces that are blocking the roadways. These pieces could be as small as mirrors or as large as vehicle doors and bumpers. Nonetheless, we have a huge task at hand and we always come through in the clutch.

Contact Us Right Away

As you can see, we offer a multitude of auto towing services in and around the LA County. We take out the headache and hassle by having you reach an insurance agent after hours by introducing a direct billing approach. You’re able to communicate directly to them and receive a full reduction from your original statement. Give us a call today for a free towing estimate.