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Three Golden Rules When Hiring A Towing Company

In all the years that you’ve been a licensed driver, you’ve probably interacted with a lot of professionals and a lot of “would be” professionals who weren’t really professional at all. Some people claim to know what they’re doing but really don’t know, or they treat you like you don’t deserve their time or attention. When you’re hiring a towing company, you need to remember: YOU are the one hiring them. You’re paying them for their service, so that means that they work for you. Here are three golden rules when hiring a towing company, as recommended by Los Angeles South Towing.

Golden Rule 1: Find A Company That Will Put You First

“Customers first” may be a phrase that is thrown around more often than it’s actually used, but it’s an important philosophy. You shouldn’t have to give your business to anyone who won’t work with you and your needs above their own. This means finding a company that will seek to help YOU first before anything else. Are they honest and upfront? Do they keep to their promises and claims? Do they beat around the bush when you ask direct questions, or do they give you a straight answer? Do they let you ask questions and get a fixed price to you before they service your vehicle? And are they available whenever you need them? South Towing strives to answer all these demands, with our 30 minute technician arrival time guarantee and our 24/7 availability.

Golden Rule 2: Find A Company That Is Certified

Certification is a MUST. There are plenty of companies out there that aren’t certified, but if a third party hasn’t told you that they are truly good at what they do, who’s to say they are telling the truth? Certified companies may charge a bit more but it’s guaranteed your car will be in safe hands, with only certified industrial equipment used by trained and experienced technicians.

Golden Rule 3: Find A Company That Won’t Give You A Reason To Complain

What are some of the most common complaints about towing services? Rough handling of the vehicle, damaging the vehicle, unprofessional service, dishonest dealings like hidden fees – all of these are definite reasons to complain! So look for a company that is well reviewed. If other people have had a problem with that company, they’ll tell you. And if not, they’ll let you know you can trust this company.