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The Advantages of Flatbed Towing As Opposed to Dolly Towing

There are several methods of towing a vehicle. The two most commonly used are flatbed towing and dolly towing. Tow dollies are convenient and are generally easy to set up by yourself. People that travel with RV’s are most accustomed to using tow dollies. They are able to support light to medium scale loads and operate by elevating the front wheels off the road. This is ideal if you’re transporting a regular sized sedan or smaller vehicle during an emergency breakdown.

The disadvantages of a dolly far outweigh those of a traditional flatbed. While dollies raise your front tires above the ground, they do not protect the bottom of your vehicle from scratching. One small crater bump can completely dent the chassis or take it off entirely! You’re also unable to back up once you’ve set the dolly in place. Backing up is extremely unsafe and can cause serious accidents if the dolly gets loose. Keep in mind that dollies are also harder to maneuver.

Dolly towing

Weight become an issue with dollies, since the actual weight of the dolly itself is placed in addition to supporting the other vehicle. If you’re off by a few pounds in your calculations, you could cause significant problems to suspension when pulling the load. Towing companies usually frown upon using dollies and most won’t even offer them at all. The reason is simply because there is way too much risk associated with the dollies. Dollies must also comply with state roadside regulations as well.

Flatbeds are the best and most secured methods of safely transporting a vehicle. Flatbeds are able to withstand and accommodate major loads. They are highly preferred due to the fact that they are incredibly safe and sturdy. Flatbeds not only prevent damage to the vehicles, they also ensure that no added mileage is put on through the course of the haul. That’s certainly a relief, especially if you have a luxury vehicle that needs to be kept in pristine condition. Flatbeds win the battle overall!

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