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Difference Between Tow Trucks

 Choosing a tow truck might seem like a fairly straightforward task, but a ‘one size fits all’ approach can lead to costly damages and a lot of stress. It’s worth carrying out a little research to see which truck suits your needs.To give you a helping hand, South Towing has put together this quick guide to the differences between tow trucks.

 Flatbed Towing

 Flatbed tow trucks carry vehicles atop a flatbed that sits above the truck. This is the most common form of tow truck currently on the road, mainly due to its offering better protection for the towed vehicle. You don’t need to worry about being struck by another vehicle, nor do you need to worry about damage to the vehicle’s chassis or framework. Depending on the size of the tow truck, a flatbed can be used to carry most private vehicles.

 Suitable for: motorcycles, cars, SUVs, vans, 4×4 vehicles

 Wheel Lift Towing

 Wheel lift tow trucks can be used to tow regular everyday vehicles as well as some larger vehicles. The damaged or malfunctioning vehicle is attached to the tow truck using a yoke (connected to the front or back wheels). The vehicle is then raised at the attached end, leading two wheels on the ground. This form of towing is fairly secure and offers minimum risk of damage.

 Suitable for: cars, SUVs, vans, 4×4 vehicles, truck cabs, buses

 Hook and Chain Towing

 Hook and chain tow trucks are perhaps the most recognizable of any tow truck, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming unpopular. The truck has a crane on its rear with a chain that connects to the base of a vehicle. The hook has been known to cause damage to paintwork and the chassis of the vehicle, while directional control isn’t great.

 Suitable for:older vehicles

 Towing Dolly

 Some tow truck companies opt to use a towing dolly at times. The dolly is a cross between the flatbed (where the vehicle is completely off the ground) and the wheel lift (where the vehicle is pulled). This is the most common form of towing for private drivers too, and often represents a cheaper financial option.

Suitable for: motorcycles, cars, larger vehicles

 The best way to be sure you’re using the right type of tow truck is to ask a professional. Any tow truck company worth its salt will be only too happy to talk you through your options and offer impartial advice.

 Whatever type of tow truck is right for your situation, South Towing is here to offer you 24hr towing assistance. Our services are available across Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Call us on: (213) 631-4080