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Basic Towing Rules

There is hardly anyone that will not agree that towing is something which requires expert handling. Insufficiently professional execution of a tow may result in damage to the vehicle towed, to other vehicles or property, not to mention the risk of grave bodily harm. Any self respecting tow tech can describe for you several basic rules that must be adhered to in order to lay the foundations for a safe, well carried out tow. We’ve made up a list of such basic towing rules so that you can better assess how well a tow job you need done ought to be carried out.

Plan Ahead

Proceeding with executing a tow without planning out all stages of it is a recipe for disaster. A tow is something which must be well drawn out from very beginning to absolute end. A professional tow tech will never begin loading a disabled vehicle onto their tow truck before assessing all that needs to be taken into consideration. Many issues which require addressing may not be apparent to the untrained eye, an expert to tech will know how to position their tow truck, how to hookup, how to secure things and how to drive off without mishap.

Work Fast but Not Hastily

Towing combines two conflicting interests. On the one hand it is important to get things done quickly, on the other, working too fast may lead to all types of hitches, mishaps and problems.
Any self respecting tow tech will know how to work fast without losing concentration and without letting things get ahead of them. It is impressive to watch complex towing operations unfold so fast while an air of complete control is maintained at all times.

Remember It’s Not All Technical

There is a human side to towing which must not be neglected. A tow tech may execute a tow perfectly but if they fail to accommodate the personal needs of the customer they have not done their job right. It is essential to keep the towed vehicle’s driver informed of what’s happening.

At South Towing we aim to provide the motoring community of Los Angeles with top class towing services. Our techs come well equipped not only with state of the art tools of trade but also with the necessary knowhow and professional conduct that ensures they follow not only all the above mentioned basic towing rules but also many more elaborate ones.